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Conversational English-Cebuano Made Easy - By C.S. CanonigoVerified through PayPal since January, 2003.This is probably the most useful, general information book I found, after deciding to learn the language of Cebuano. I used an older version of this book when I first arrived here from the states. It was a very beneficial book, for one who wants to learn Cebuano. Unfortunately, it was stolen, along with other valuable items, in September of 2003.

It is my suggestion, if you are considering moving here (to Cebu), to at least learn some of the basic words of the Cebuano language, in order to communicate with Filipinos here. Believe me, even though the Philippines is considered an English speaking country, learning some Cebuano can and will make your life much easier here.

Being able to communicate with Cebuano speaking Filipinos will help you in two ways.

1. It will make it easier for them to understand a point you are trying to make. Not to mention, if your wife, fiancée, or girlfriend is a Cebuana (or from elsewhere in the Visayas and most of Mindanao), she (and her family) will be quite impressed, upon hearing you speak Cebuano to her. Filipinos simply smile when a foreigner attempts to communicate with them in their local language. Of course, they never expect foreigners to approach, or to reply to them in their native tongue. Talk about a shocker!

2. It will allow you to understand more of what they are saying, thus helping eliminate "back-biting" (talking about you in Cebuano, while you sit there not understanding anything being said), a fairly common thing to happen in conversations.

Okay, enough of my ramblings...

This book was written by Cristina S. Canonigo, an absolutely wonderful woman. She is a Cebuana by birth, who resides in Cebu part-time and in Manila part-time. She is the author of more than 100 titles, currently. In fact, at last count she has 127 titles to her credit. However, the most popular of her books, and the newest version of her book, "English-Cebuano Made Easy". It is the revised and enlarged edition.

This book is 226 pages, giving you many words, phrases, statements, etc. to start your journey in learning the language of Cebuano. Additionally, there is a self test section, a vocabulary section, a question and answer section, and examples of conversations and translations.

Are you interested in a complete course, in order to learn the Cebuano Language? Would you like to communicate with your spouse's family, in their local language? Cebuano Filipinos will definitely feel more comfortable speaking their birth language, more than they will English, or even Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, for that matter.

There is a new, complete Cebuano course to help you learn Cebuano. Depending on which package you choose to purchase, they will include both audio and video files, to help you learn Cebuano even faster. Please note the files are regularly updated by the author (v5.0 at the moment).

Bud Brown, the author of this course, is so confident in his course, that he offers customers a 100% money back guarantee! Please click the following link for further information about learning Cebuano through Essential Cebuano:

Click below to read more information about

The Complete Essential Cebuano Course

Bud is fluent in five different languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and now, Cebuano. (I can't help but wonder when he will learn sign language.)

Trust this, folks, coming from a guy who has studied Cebuano for over ten years. This course is great. A number of members of the Living In Cebu Forums, a forum about life in Cebu and elsewhere in the Philippines, have praised this course to no end. Read their comments on the Essential Cebuano course, in this thread.


Before you decide to make your purchase, if you are interested in not only learning Cebuano, but also learning about:


  • the Cebuano Culture

  • living or retiring in the Philippines

  • working in the Philippines

  • relationships, cultural differences & expectations

  • fiancée or spousal visa information


I will make you an additional offer right now.


I offer an online forum that you may join, in order to answer any questions you may have on the above listed subjects, and more!


For immediate and full access to all features of the forum, and to receive an included copy of the English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook, please follow the link and instructions below:


Living In Cebu Forums Registration Page


When the above link loads, please read the Forum Terms & Rules, and please read the Living In Cebu Rules. Afterward, tick the check box and click "Continue Registration". On the following page, you can register your account for the forums.


On this page, and after completing the upper options for your registration, you can scroll down to view a list of "Subscription Packages" for you to choose from. If you choose an option that includes the copy of English-Cebuano Made Easy, you will get both the membership and the English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook at a discounted price.


If you have any problems, and feel as though you need assistance in registering, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you. You may contact me at: cebu@livingincebu.com




If you only wish to purchase the eBook, without the subscription to the forums, please continue down the page from here.


English-Cebuano Made Easy

eBook (electronic) Version

The price for the English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook is now offered at the standard rate of $16.00 USD.

After making your purchase, the file will be sent to the email address attached to your PayPal account. Please check that account for the emailed file, within 48 hours after payment has been completed.

Click below to purchase the English-Cebuano Made Easy eBook

Click here to contact me regarding other payment options.



Here are copies of two pages from the book, which show the Philippines National Anthem in both Cebuano and English versions:



We typically do business through PayPal. However, If you do not have a PayPal account, there are other ways for you to make a purchase. We can do wire transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram), bank to bank transfers, and by mailing a certified bank check or money order, directly to our credit union in the US. Contact me by clicking on this link,  if you wish to make this purchase via an alternate method.






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