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Do you live on Samar, Northern Leyte (Tacloban), or in other areas where the language of Waray-Waray is spoken? The Waray people, just as most Filipinos are, tend to be very proud of their local language. They will speak this local language much more often than they will other languages or dialects, including the national language whenever possible. So, if you live in the parts of the Philippines where Waray-Waray is spoken, or have Waray family members with whom you would like to communicate, please read on.


Below is a table of FREE Waray lessons, 23 in all, which I got from a very nice gentleman, Lloyd Cromer. I am in hopes I am helping, by hosting these lessons on the Living In Cebu server. To download each lesson, simply click on the file name of the lesson you wish to study. These files have been converted from their original format by Lloyd, for ease of use in .pdf format. Each file should open right away, if you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed.


Please Note: You will have to click on the "save" option for each file in order to actually save it on your computer. Thanks to Lloyd, for taking the time to help others as he has. It's people like him, who make this world a much better place in which to live.


If you do not have Acrobat Reader, which you will need to view these files, we have provided a link for you to download the software. Please click on Adobe Acrobat Reader now, to download the most current version of the reader available. It is also free to download.


Free Waray Lessons

Lesson 01 Lesson 13
Lesson 02 Lesson 14
Lesson 03 Lesson 15
Lesson 04 Lesson 16
Lesson 05 Lesson 17
Lesson 06 Lesson 18
Lesson 07 Lesson 19
Lesson 08 Lesson 20
Lesson 09 Lesson 21
Lesson 10 Lesson 22
Lesson 11 Lesson 23
Lesson 12  



If, for any reason you are unable to download the files from our server, you may click on Lloyd's Waray Lessons Links, in order to download them from his site.















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